How I Chunk Tasks Together to Improve My Health, Time and Productivity

When I’m stressed, I become easily distracted. My focus flits erratically like a hummingbird, pulled along by the myriad of daily problems, conversations, and curiosities.

Perhaps you can relate. I could be working hard on something for half an hour, then impulsively fire up Google to search a problem that’s been bugging me all morning.

While I’m doing that, my email could chime, grabbing my attention. Five minutes later, I’m talking to a colleague about the weekend — my earlier email, problem, and work all but forgotten.

Long bouts of stress trigger longer bouts of mental wandering, until and unless I begin consciously ‘chunking’ up my day.

It’s a technique developed to break down huge amounts of information into small chunks, then rearrange those chunks into common, topical groups.

Imagine if you were entrusted to write a book. How would you start? Most writers would begin breaking down the overarching topic into several points, then forming those points into chapters.


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The information we consume matters just as much as the food we put in our body. It affects our thinking, our behavior, how we understand our place in the world. And how we understand others.


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