I was born in 1979 in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. In 2001, I relocated to Nuremberg, Germany, where I currently reside and work. Holding a degree in computer science, I serve as a software engineer, primarily in the automotive sector. I am married and a proud father of two sons.

My interest in photography began at an early age, but my serious exploration of long exposure techniques started after my move to Germany, when I could afford a high-quality camera. My preferred photographic methods are long exposure and light painting. But what exactly is light painting?

Light painting is an artistic form of photography where images are created by adjusting a camera’s exposure for an extended period and using a light source, such as a flashlight, to „paint“ in the dark. The crucial distinction from traditional painting lies in the inability to „undo“ anything, and the result is only visible after the entire process is completed. Effectively, it’s a form of „blind painting“, making it challenging, and often multiple attempts are needed to achieve the desired outcome. It introduces a „surprise factor“, allowing the Universe to play a role in the creative process.

I enjoy experimenting with various light sources, including modified flashlights, Christmas lights, street lights, lasers, fireflies, fire, and even starlight. While I occasionally collaborate with models, the majority of my artwork remains abstract. Recently, I’ve been extensively exploring kaleidoscopes, which I design and construct myself. The album cover of „Dark Matter“ was crafted using a large self made kaleidoscope. Each letter visible on the cover was individually captured, handwritten midair with a specially designed flashlight to create the pearlescent effect.

My artwork has been featured in multiple exhibitions, and I’ve been licensing my work for the past decade through stock photography sites for articles, news and commercials. I’ve also conducted numerous interactive live light painting shows, including collaborations with the State Theatre of Nuremberg and several German art festivals.

Beyond photography, my other passion is music. I play various instruments, with a current focus on the Jew’s harp and percussion. Recently, with my best friend Dmitry, we formed a band named „Pulsar Clock“, and released our debut album „Space Wire“.