What Bryan Cranston Taught Me About Pursuing My Passion

I’ve always been a huge fan of Bryan Cranston’s work, and a while ago, I decided to pick up his memoir, A Life in Parts. Whether he was playing a man child on Malcolm in the Middle or the perfect antihero on Breaking Bad, he never failed to amaze. So when I saw a copy of his autobiography at my local bookshop, I was thrilled.

I had always wondered how Tim Whatley from Seinfeld ended up as Walter White. What does the journey of an actor on one of history’s most successful TV shows look like? What better way to learn more about the inner workings of a genius than from the genius himself.

The book did not disappoint. Cranston’s life is nothing short of a TV show itself. As I read through this coming of age story, I noticed little nuggets of wisdom peppered throughout this incredible journey. Here are seven important life lessons I found.

Throughout our lives, we’ll have moments when we look back at a decision point and realize that we could have taken that risk, but we chose not to. Usually, we look back in regret, wishing that we had pushed ourselves. Decisions like these only get tougher as life goes on and we’re more established in our current patterns. Try different things and follow your curiosity while you can.


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Unlike pop-culture’s current obsession with bleak, heavy drama (Game Of Thrones, Breaking Bad, we’re talking to you)


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